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Using tuning forks, guided meditation, and several instruments, Sound Body is designed to address negative life events, alleviate stress, uplift the spirit, and ground the recipient in a space of strength, clarity, and relief.

ShapeShifter is a personalized multi-modality treatment customized in consultation with the client to address specific issues and obstacles. Treatments may incorporate sound healing, movement, guided imagery, breathwork, and solution-focused coaching. Using cognitive, somatic, and vibrational techniques, Shapeshifter supports clients in making lasting shifts in their emotional, mental, and physical well-being. 

A corporate or group sound bath incorporates many instruments as well as individual on-body sound massage for those participants who would enjoy it. Group sound healing includes customized guided meditation developed in conjunction with the client. Please contact Nikki for more information.

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Nikki D’Antoni, MS is a certified health coach, personal trainer, and sound practitioner with 17 years of prior clinical experience as an allied health professional. She is the developer of Shapeshifter, a multi-sensory multi-modality energetic process for transforming negative feelings, changing habits and patterns, and overcoming personal blocks. Nikki’s current practice integrates energy and sound healing with coaching to help clients achieve their goals for self-transformation.

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