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Sound is energy in motion. Your cells have their own vibration, own frequency…they make their own music in accordance with your state of mind. Sound is also a tool. It can influence our feelings and nervous system, which in turn directly affects the physical and mental states that lead to our actions, which contribute to our life experiences. So is it possible to improve your life through the therapeutic use of sound? Yes, I believe it is.

Sound baths, also called sound journeys or sound immersions, are an invitation to turn within and play with your own internal orchestra. As feelings and thoughts move through you, be a witness and simply observe without judgment. Recognize that you are not your thoughts, you are not your emotions. You can choose what to feel, how to respond to life, what you want to be. Float along with the sound. Allow it to take you where you need to go. Release and reset, restoring your clarity and centering yourself anew.

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Nikki owns and practices at The Salt Sanctuary of Maryland where she performs the following sound healing sessions:

  • Sonic Body Session
  • Sound Bath for 2-8 People
  • Shapeshifter    Energy Healing

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I'm devoted to helping you find (and feel) peace and joy...

here's how:

The body is built to move. Study after study shows that movement is the most potent antidote to practically every physical problem humans can have. Walking in particular has been shown to confer dramatic, measurable benefits for our mental and emotional health.

Peace Walks are a guided and meditative silent experience designed to be meaningful, enjoyable, and transformative. Each Peace Walk will begin with a short opening meditation for the creation of personal intentions and your own private prayer or mantra. 

Peace Walks as of October 2023 are focused on creating greater world peace and coherence at this time. All Peace Walks are meant to promote a calmer and clearer internal state, just one of their many rewards. All may walk with any peace in mind.

Peace Walks are free. Completion of registration and waiver are required to attend and walk with our group. Please reach out to Nikki for details and more information on Peace Walks.

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I'm devoted to helping you find (and feel) peace and joy...

here's how:

Leveling up is guaranteed with Ascension Salon, Nikki's dynamic and intimate invitation-only group. Change can be fabulous, especially when it leads to the future self you wish to be. Making and skillfully meeting transformations of all kinds requires both practical and energetic support at a high level. 

Everything we are experiencing now began energetically. Anything we are experiencing can be improved or transmuted by attending to our energetic state. We seek to enhance awareness, clarity, and personal power in regards to root causes and desired outcomes. We empower one another to make  change physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This is Ascension Salon.

At this time, Ascension Salon is invitation-only.  

Embrace your evolution. Find your Joy!



I'm devoted to helping you find (and feel) peace and joy...

here's how:

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 sound  healing

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Heal from past events and hurts

SHAPESHIFTER  energy healing

Experience reduced tension and improved emotional resilience

Find deep rest, inner clarity, and more balance and harmony in relationships. 

Live life with more freedom and joy...

Be supported through periods of growth, stress, or change

Feel greater self acceptance and self worth

A private session for self transformation

Create the future you desire more easily...


Transmute intense, negative feelings to find peace

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for weight loss

Focus on your most pressing concerns, needs, and questions

Come away from our calls with renewed clarity and strength to meet your goals 

One session or 100...it's up to you!

Targeted help when you need it, at an affordable price


“Nikki, you worked some kind of magic on our call. Through your eyes I instantly saw myself and my behavior differently. Your questions led me to understand what I really wanted, and now gourmet ice cream is no longer my reward at the end of my workday. It’s been several weeks since I reached for it, and my cravings have completely disappeared. I feel so much better, and I’m so much happier. Thank you so much!!!”


I found commitment to specific habits, meditations, and shifts in my mindset extremely helpful. And over the years I have learned and developed ways to help others create desired changes in their own lives.

Through subtle energy healing, learning specific habits, and reframing  your mindset, you can dramatically improve your feelings, your health, and your life.

Don't wait another moment!

Are you so overwhelmed that you can't feel yourself anymore? Are you coping with negative feelings about your body? Do you struggle to create change in your health or your life?

I believe I can help because I've been where you are. I have been obese. I have waged battle with anorexia nervosa, depression, and body dysmorphia. And today I have a healthy self-image and have maintained my preferred weight for over 30 years.

mindset ~ movement ~ spirit ~ lifestyle

change your mind
your life will follow 


Spoiler Alert: This could be life-changing.

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