I took every step and made every petition intending to create the vibrational quality of peace for those around me and around the globe. 

According to the Global Conflict Tracker, there are nearly 30 areas around the world now engaged in violent conflicts or outright wars, with devastating impacts on humanity. When I think of the pain and suffering of families everywhere, I feel powerless to truly make a substantive difference, no matter what I donate or do.

The words of Paramahansa Yogananda help me remember what I can contribute.

We are all part of the one human tribe, inhabitants of this one place called Earth. Our individual vibrational quality contributes to our collective experience more subtly, but just as greatly, as our actions.

Would you like to join a Peace Walk? The walks are silent, non-competitive, free, and not affiliated with any political or religious belief system. Peace Walks simply require faith in our ability to affect the world through prayer, and a desire to be of silent service to others.

If you feel called to collectively support world peace, you’re in good company.

On October 8, 2023, I did my first Peace Walk. A 60 minute silent walk coupled with an unceasing prayer for world peace.

What we can all contribute, no matter our beliefs, positions, or financial capacities. 

Join us! Begin by filling out the form below.

“One fervent person in meditation and prayer does more good for the world than all the politicians, world leaders, and activists combined.”

~Paramahansa Yogananda




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~Michael Bernard Beckwith

"Prayer doesn't bring us the answer.
The vibration of prayer IS the answer."

~ Dag Hammarskjöld, at the dedication of the Meditation Room, United Nations Headquarters

“Prayer is a dynamic manifestation of love by the concerned, reaching out for God’s help for man. You can help change the world by your prayers and your prayerful action.”

~ Lynne McTaggart

"The Intention Experiment showed that collective thoughts can lower violence in
war-torn areas or ghettos." 

~ Isaiah 52: 7

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who announces peace.




If the weather is dangerously cold or hot, or slippery or poor conditions exist, Peace Walks will be canceled for safety. Keep an eye on your inbox and phone. If there is a cancelation you will be notified at least 2 hours in advance.

What about the weather??


Bring water. Bring an extra sweater, hat, and gloves if it's chilly. Bring an umbrella and raincoat if rain is called for. Bring sun protection if you need it. Bring tick repellent if you are concerned about insects. Bring an appropriate snack if you might need it, have diabetes, or there is any possibility of hypoglycemia. Bring whatever you need to feel comfortable. 

A first aid kit and phone will always be with the leader of the walk.

What should I bring?


Comfortable clothing and supportive walking shoes, sneakers, or light hiking boots, depending on your preference. We will not be going off trail and most trails will be fairly smooth or paved. 

What should I wear to Peace Walks?

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How fit do I need to be?


Everyone is welcome at Peace Walks!

It’s best if you are fit enough to walk for 30 to 60 minutes at a moderate pace without any help. However, you may bring your own assistive device! There will not be any supervision or assistance available to help people walk. Please plan accordingly.

 The length and perceived difficulty of each walk will be shared ahead of time so that you can choose which Peace Walk is right for you. Most paths will not be entirely flat. If you are unable to go up and down gentle hills without difficulty you might need to rest for part of the walk and/or turn back early. Participants may take a rest at any time, or opt to complete just a segment of the walk before turning around. This is just fine!

If you wish to join us but not walk, you are also welcome. You can “be” with the group by simply sitting in silent prayer for as long as you like.

If you are fit (or wish to add a component of suffering to your Peace Walk), you could choose to wear a rucksack to increase intensity of the walk. :)


At this time, Peace Walks are being held regularly at locations in Howard County, Montgomery County, and Frederick County. We'll be offering Walks in other areas soon. Once you register and sign the participant waiver, you'll receive a welcome call or email with the schedule, locations, and leader contact information for the geographic area you selected. 

Where are the Peace Walks held?


Peace Walks are intentionally silent. We will share introductions and a few moments of opening remarks and meditation together. Everyone will establish their own silent prayer or mantra. Then we are off, quietly, into our prayerful, meditative group walk. Please be respectful of the silent nature and the purpose of these Walks.

Of course, if you suffer any issue or injury that requires immediate attention, scream like hell. That's highly encouraged.

Can I talk?


Sure! Don’t forget to tell them to register in advance so we know how many to expect at a given Walk. If your friends can’t register in advance, they’ll be able to complete the mandatory participant waiver when they arrive. Try to give your Walk leader a heads up if you are bringing a group.

Am I allowed to bring my friends?



I have the answers.


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